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Having a party and not really sure if you want a raw bar or not? No Problem. Fill out this form and we'll respond within 24 hours with an esitmated price. Please know that we will never use your information in any way other than to contact you directly.

If you are however uncomfortable with giving your information, please call at 1.781.837.1107 or e-mail us and we will gladly help you the same way. Our price range requires a minimum of 50 people (which means if you're having a party for 50 or less, the base price stops at 50). For more information please call us directly at 1.781.837.1107. Thank you!

Please NOTE: The form was created in Microsoft Word. There will be a warning before the document opens asking you to enable or disable "Macros". This is a very common thing as it is dangerous to open files that could harm your computer. However, if you disable the macros you will be unable to fill out the form. Again Schuck's will NEVER use your information in any harmful way.