Welcome to Schuck's Seafood Catering!

We are a subcontracted "mom and pop" company from Green Harbor, Marshfield that specializes in raw bars. For all of you land-lubbers out there, a raw bar is an assortment of raw clams and oysters and also, if requested, freshly cooked shrimp.

We use only the finest in product, so if you want the freshest raw seafood on the south shore, Schuck's Seafood Catering is where you will find it! If you are interested in having a raw bar at your wedding, party, or special event then feel free to browse through our site to see what we have to offer!

If you've experienced Shuck's before and already know what you want, or have questions, visit our "Contact" and give us a call or send us an email! Still not sure what Schuck's is all about? Visit the "About Us" page and read up on a little history of how Schuck's came to be and what we do. Thank you for visitng our site!

Richard Maloney
-Owner and Operator